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About E&S Food, Inc.

We are a premier wholesaler of quality products, servicing restaurants, pizzerias, delis, catering halls, and more. Started in 1980, we continue to grow as a professional family business, with over 1,000 customers and expanding.

Product Catalog

E&S Food, Inc.'s vast product line encompasses all your needs, from paper plates, forks and knives, to-go bags, napkins, to spices, flour, pizza sauce, frozen appetizers and seafood, and much more. Whether you're a restaurant, pizzeria, deli, catering hall, another distributor, or any other establishment that retails food to consumers, we have what you need.

We Proudly Carry Premium Products

We also carry high-end exclusives such as Barilla, Grande, Bellisimo, Stanislaus, and other quality products, from imported Antonina olive oil, picked and pressed from olives only from Bolognetta, Sicily, to locally made artisan rice-balls, and tomatoes farmed in NJ.

Our History

E&S Food, Inc., was started in 1980 by Settimo Guttilla, selling grated cheese from his car and his first warehouse was his garage. Now utilizing a warehouse over 50,000 square feet, E&S has over 3,000 products, and the company employs just less than 50 employees.



"Working with E & S has dramatically improved my business. They have worked alongside my company and me to significantly improve our marketing strategies and how we promote our product."

Rich and Vinnie

"E & S has been my reliable food service provider for 35 years. Since the beginning, they have provided me with high-quality products. Not only this, but they have given me immense help in expanding my menu with new product offerings and ensuring the success of my business."

Alex and Juan

Without the help of E &S, my business would not be as successful as it is today. Their approachable staff is always willing to help whether it is knowing what products to buy or how to improve altogether. The family is very involved with the business as well as all their customers.


I have been working with E &S for 40 years. They continue to impress me with their high-quality products and fantastic customer service. I love that they are a family-run business that puts its customers first.


E & S has the most reliable and considerate drivers. They have never once missed a delivery. I can always count on them for my products. Thank You for all that you have done for my restaurant!


Working with E & S is always a pleasure. They provide outstanding service and are always reliable. They have a wide variety of products and can always supply me with what I need.


Excellent customer service, family-owned, reliable, and loyal to their customers is just a few ways to describe E&S. Since I started working with them 25 years ago I have had no complaints. They truly offer the most exceptional service.


E & S ensures quality and convenience for their customers. They have helped my restaurant for years by providing all of my needs efficiently and without issues. In addition, this family-run business has the most approachable staff eager to help their customers.

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