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The Nocellara Olive

My father Settimo grew up in a small town called Bolognetta, Sicily where his family owned the largest olive orchard. He learned the family craft, making olive oil using a traditional method of pressing olives through a cement wheel. Several years later he came to America with his wife Antonina and started his own Italian import distribution company.

Antonina Extra Virgin Olive Oil exhibits superior taste with notes of intensely fruity flavors and fresh aromatic herbs using only native Sicilian Bincolilla, Nocellara and Mount Iblei olives. It has a rich golden-green color and aroma of unfiltered oil. This unfiltered oil has no added chemicals and is not altered by temperature. The premium quality pressing process allows the oil to retain a true olive taste, a smooth finish and has the lowest level of oleic acid than other blends.

Our History

E&S Food, Inc., was started in 1980 by Settimo Guttilla, selling grated cheese from his car and his first warehouse was his garage. Now utilizing a warehouse over 50,000 square feet, E&S has over 3,000 products, and the company employs just less than 50 employees.